Warrant Spotlight: Theon Trammell

NOTE 11-9-2021: The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office will typically only advertise wanted people on our page if they are a violent risk to the community or repetitively victimizing our community. Mr Trammell falls into the latter category. With documentation of deceitful practices starting in 2010 and multiple forgery type convictions between then and now. We truly wish Mr Trammell the best and wish that he would change his ways however, we have to look out for those that he has victimized. Dozens of people have had to create new banking accounts, recover their identity, and many many other types of hardships placed on them because of Mr Trammells actions. Thank you for your support and have a blessed day!
We are looking for Mr Theon Trammell. He is wanted on the following charges:
Forgery (4th degree)
Probation Violation x 3
Identity Fraud
Printing/ negotiating fictitious information
Mr Theon Trammell has been known to go by “Reverend Theon Trammell” in the past. If you know the whereabouts of Mr Trammell please contact 911 or the anonymous crime line at 706-236-5000.

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