Game Day at Anna K. Davie Elementary Celebrates Positive Behavior

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ROME, GA— Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, students at Anna K. Davie Elementary were having a celebration of their own.
Marking the end of the first nine weeks, Friday November 19, was Game Day at AKD; a reward for those students who had received 250 PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) points.
Assistant Principal, Lorraine Reeves, explained that positive behaviors and acts of kindness earn recognition and points. “Our mantra is ‘Positive Actions Create Kindness,’ or P.A.C.K.,” she said.
Principal, Felisha Jackson, explained that every student, teacher, and staff member is involved in practicing positive behaviors and earning PBIS points. She added that the acts of kindness throughout the hallways of AKD are frequent and never gone unnoticed.
Jackson and Reeves said that they have witnessed students holding doors open for each other, picking up trash in the hallways, and even offering help to young ones to tie their shoelaces.
Fourth grader, Anderson Layned, said that his acts of kindness included helping other people.
“Like if somebody spilled water,” he explained, “we would help them to clean it and we also picked up trash.”
Any game was a go, as some classes played board games or got crafty and creative, while others had snack time and a movie. Dominos, Monopoly, pumpkin pie making, and even classroom obstacle courses were among some of the festivities.
“The kids are excited,” Jackson smiled. “They look forward to this. Every nine weeks we have a big celebration. Our PBIS team and our Highly Functional team get together and come up with the big events for the kids for the four nine weeks.”
As the year progresses and the students continue to practice their P.A.C.K. mantra, there are three other celebration days scheduled for the teachers and students. In December, they will get a chance to enjoy the Winter Wonderland at the Forum in downtown Rome. The end of the nine-week period in March will bring some groovy vibes on Tie Dye Day, and in May all AKD PBIS celebrators will get to participate in Field Day fun.
AKD makes sure that acts of kindness are awarded efficiently, so as not to miss anything.
Reeves explained, “Every student has a card, and so we can just scan it in the hallways when we see students earning PBIS points.”
Fifth grade teacher and PBIS Coach, Chanita McIntosh, smiled as she explained some of the positive behaviors she has witnessed. “A lot of my students are great listeners,” she said, “so they’re always doing exactly what they were asked to do. They are safe and silent in the hall. They hold the doors open for the younger kids, and they’re always asking how they can help us.”
“The students have been really excited about today,” she added. “They love any time when they can socialize and have fun.”
Reeves explained that pre-COVID, AKD would bring the students together for a big gathering. However, the smaller classroom celebrations showed no lack of spirit or celebration. Reeves said that some of the teachers were even wearing their Game Day jerseys!
“I am very proud of these kids,” Jackson smiled. “They have come a long way.”

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